Medical tourism has rapidly grown in Mexico, where more and more people are going to have plastic surgery. One of the most common operations is the weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery where people from the United States, Canada and other parts of the world are flocking Mexico to have it done. This is because numerous benefits are associated with having bariatric surgery done in Mexico.

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico:

Successful Gastric SleeveIt is affordable

Most countries do perform weight loss surgery, but the cost is very high, hence making it unaffordable for most people. Most healthcare insurance companies don’t cover such kind of operations hence forcing people to pay from their pockets. This has made people consider going to Mexico because the bariatric centers in Mexico offer affordable weight loss surgery, i.e., from $6,0000 and at the same time provide the best quality service and results. For example, having a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico will cost almost a third to a fifth of the total cost if it is performed in Canada or the United States. The prices come as a package which may include tests done before and after the operation, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, nutrition program, hospital charges, treatment given and stay in a hotel. However, the cost may go slightly up depending on the surgeon you choose. The options for paying are cash, credit or financing; however, most doctors work with major banks for financing purposes.

It is a seamless and has a fast approved process

Unlike other countries, weight loss surgery is an elective surgery in Mexico, where you schedule the surgery on your convenience after evaluation. You also don’t have to wait for long before the procedure is done, unlike other countries where there are long delays and bookings to see a doctor and have surgery done. You don’t have to queue in the doctors waiting room rather make an appointment with the physician depending on your convenience and his availability.

Quality health care

Mexico has stringent health care regulations where each medical personnel should handle a patient with professional care even if their health care cost is low. They also don’t compromise on the safety and health of their patients at any cost, so everything is done to perfection. The hospitals are fully equipped with cut edge technology, ultra-modern labs, advanced equipment and well-equipped patient rooms where they can handle any complications that may arise while you are in the hospital. To ensure that they have a high standard of treatment and patient care, the hospitals have Joint Commission International (JSI) accreditation.

Qualified health personnel

Mexico has highly trained and certified surgeons and medical staff who will take care of you before, during and after the procedure. The attention and warmth are given to you as a patient is high with the aim of improving your life. Most personnel will speak comfortably in English hence making communication easy. The doctors do attend international conferences to update themselves with the latest developments in their field, and they have also handled many bariatric surgery procedures hence making them well experienced. All you need to do is do a thorough background check on the surgeon and facility that you want to go to.


There are various cities in Mexico you can have weight loss surgery such as Guadalajara, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta and they are readily available from Canada and the United States by short drives or direct flights. The trip costs are less expensive than other international destinations. These destinations also offer an enjoyable and comfortable environment and accommodation near the beach and a vibrant bi-national lifestyle where you can enjoy as you recover and wait for a go-ahead to travel back home. They also allow you to relax before and after surgery while easing the stressors brought about by the operation.

Privacy and discretion

Having weight loss surgery done away from home gives you the privacy you need if you don’t want people to know. For example, while going for the surgery, you may take a vacation leave instead of absence from work whereby your colleagues or friends Amy question why you are away from work for long. You will get time to heal properly while in Mexico, and when you go home, nobody will get to know that you had a bariatric surgery.


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